Jury programs – phantasmagorical darkness, food and archive

Three characters in search of an authentic cinematic experience – perhaps this is the bestway to describe programmes curated by the 25 FPS jury. This year’s jury consists of three individuals orbiting across different spheres of film activity, with quite diverse fields of interest, but equal fascination in the film medium and its capability to provide something that goes beyond our sensory frame with its audiovisual stimulation.

Anouk De Clercq, the filmmaker who swept the competition three times so far, is presenting her fascination with architecture of imaginary but possible worlds made equally by way of inherently cinematic procedures and by way of manipulation of hardware and software circumstances while recording the materials, as well as the conditions we watch a film work in. The audience will thus project their own imaginary worlds in the dark of the screening room (Anouk De Clercq, Manon de Boer), experience them through the sparkly stop-motion terror (Pascal Baes), sudden cries of voice-over (John Smith), and Elias Heuninck’s extraordinary cinematographic contraption that registers light echoes from filmed subjects and charts the very building elements of the digital image.

Jonathan Pouthier is a curator at the department of film, National Modern Art Museum in Paris. His programme is dedicated to the link between film and cooking: from glorifying and dissecting the repetitiveness of chewing (Dick Higgins, Martha Colburn), to film illusions bringing dead meat back to life (Daniel Spoerri) and cook losing his life by the hand of his deadly kitchen utensils (Segundo de Chomón), to the portrayal of kitchen as an inevitable battlefield of feminist criticism (Martha Rosler, Lizzie Fitch).

Mark Toscano completes this utopian cinematic triptych with a selection of titles from his long conservationist practice at the LA-based Academy Archives, including the metamorphic classics by Stan Brakhage, Pat O’Neill, Chick Strand, Suzan Pitt and many others.

Danijel Brlas