Reflections on 25 FPS Competition Program

What do landscapes tell us? How is their narrative experienced by the media recording it? Which are the spaces opening within the very process of transferring information to our senses? What kind of tricks take place in these ‘interspaces’? We gorge on information and flaunt them as if they were God-given, ignoring the fact that the poor souls are under constant terror of an entire force of mischievous micro-phenomena that have an inevitable impact on our perception of them. However, we do not see the ‘interspaces’ so we ignore them, although they are sometimes sensed. In other words, we are unaware of the fact that we are in a constant conflict with the surrounding world.

However, a group of film shamans, celluloid alchemists and digital wizards, who comprise this year’s 25 FPS competition, is aware of that. This September, the SC Cinema again opens its doors to the works that bravely scratch the surface and distort our ideas of the surrounding things. Festival veterans like Ben Russell, Johann Lurf, Charlotte Pryce, Karl Lemieux, Alexander Stewart and Daniel Schmidt share the arena with newcomers and compete in stirring your imagination and offering you aesthetical pleasure. Just as Peter Tscherkassky in his latest work mixed commercials, American erotic thriller of the 1980s, British comedy of the 1960s, Italian, Danish and French porn in a surreal ‘exquisite corpus’ play, other authors as well unite in a playful cherry-picking of most diverse elements, somewhere on the brim of the stitches we sew to mend our communication channels, or beyond them.

To paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut, if the entire world and all of us in it are just a flood of random bypassing and colliding chemical compounds, what else is there left but to sit back and enjoy the fireworks? Join us in the darkness of SC Cinema and discover the tales told by beaches, rainforests, parks, deserts, weapon manufacturer dens, animated ceramic dolls, confused computer programs, video-synthesisers, amateur nude videos… even other people – in a manner we are unaccustomed to listen. And don’t forget to sit back for the fireworks.

Danijel Brlas